Monday, 19 November 2012

Getting familiar with books

At happy bambino we read books often during the day.
We  encourage all the children in our care to get passionate about reading and
for those of you who want their child to learn an additional language, we use them to teach both Italian and English

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Divali and New Year 13-14 November 2012 PAINTING!!!!!

You've got to love a bit of painting!!!

We are not afraid of fireworks because they are colourful and make a lot of noise, just like we do!!!

 Our beautiful and colourful Paintings
They must be sureley some Masterpieces!

Thursday, 26 April 2012



I guarantee to provide a simulating, warm, safe and secure environment in which all children entrusted in to my care will be treated equally and with total respect.
Fully endorsing the ethos of 'Children's Human Rights' I am committed to providing an environment in which all children's emotional, physical, social, sensory and intellectual needs and expectations are met without reservation.
Further to the above by adopting a holistic approach, coupled with listening carefully to parents, guardians, carers and other respected child development/protection agencies I will provide the resources, opportunities and create the right conditions and support to enable all children to reach their fullest developmental potential.
Below you will see a list of my policies.
I allocate a place to a child on a “first-come first-served” basis however; preference is given to parents who already have a child attending my setting.
On confirmation of a place, parents are required to pay a week’s fee as deposit. This is non- refundable in the event of the place being cancelled by the parents.
Prior to admission, planned visits are arranged for both parent and the child, the aim is to help the child settling in his/her new environment.

Opening times are flexible to meet parents’ needs.
Full Time places are calculated as 10 hours of care daily for 5 days weekly.
8:00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
Extended hours before 8am and after 6pm (unsocial hours) to be discussed on application.
Extra charges will apply.

I would consider working public/bank holidays with prior arrangement.
Extra charges will apply for these days.
My setting is closed for 5 weeks per year for my holidays. I will give you adequate notice so that you may arrange childcare cover for your children
Fees are paid either weekly or monthly and in advance. There is no refund for child/parent absence (be this for sickness, days off e.g.).
Full fees will still apply for annual holidays taken by the parent/carer in order to keep a place open for your child.
There is no fee to be paid when my setting is closed (for my holiday) or time off due to my illness.
Charges for late collection of your child is £4.00 per half hour and will be charged after three separate occasions of you being more than 15 minutes late to collect your child unless you have previously telephoned or arranged for late collection, in this case the normal hourly rate will be charged for additional time.
If your child is collected earlier than the contracted time, the full fee still applies. Late drop off does not constitute late collection.
Al contracted hours (even the odd agreed extra hours) must be paid for in full regardless of attendance.
All childcare fees are due weekly or monthly in advance. Failure to pay on due date will result in loss of services unless a special arrangement has been agreed.
Parents are required to give 4 weeks written notice if their child is to leave my setting. Full payment of fees will be due for this period.
Hourly Rate
Monday - Friday (Between 8.00am and 6.00pm) = £4.50 p/h
Overtime Rate
Late collection fee = £4 for every ½ hour late without advance warning
Overtime rate (before 8am or after 6.00pm) = £6.50 p/h
Bank holidays (by special arrangement only) = £ 7 p/h
Weekends (by special arrangement only) = £ 7 p/h
Before and after school care
I will charge a min of 1 hour in the morning and/or 2 hours in the afternoon and min 2 days per week = £4.50 p/h
2nd sibling attending same hours = £4.00 p/h
Child/Parent annual holiday = Full Fee
Childminder annual holiday = No Fee
School holidays (child not attending) = Full Fee (with the exception of term time only contracts)
Occasional days off - Child/parent = Full Fee
Occasional days off - Childminder = No Fee
Child/Parent = Full Fee
Childminder = No Fee
All fees include:
Snacks, drinks, breakfast, lunch and evening meal
Transfers to and from playgroup and school
Toddler groups and local excursions
Payment of fees:
Payment of fees by Cash, Cheque or Standing order on a weekly or monthly basis in advance
1weeks deposit is taken to reserve a place on date of signing the contract; this will be refunded at the end of the contract after any adjustments.
I offer Term time only, School holiday only Full and Part time contracts. During the school holidays I offer a good reduction for siblings.
As a childminder I recognise that it is crucial that I build a trusting partnership between myself and the child’s parents.
My aim is to achieve a strong working partnership with parents by:

Always making time to discuss parent concerns about their children.
Informing parents about their children’s activities throughout the day either verbally or written in each child’s diary.
Allowing parents access to records kept on their own children.
Parents are requested to keep me informed of any changes to personal circumstances that may have an effect upon their children e.g. change of address, phone numbers, doctor, emergency contact. Parents are also requested to keep me informed of any circumstances that may affect their children emotionally e.g. bereavement, separation or illness in the family.
Parents will be made aware that all information they provide about their children are kept confidential and treated on a strict need to know basis. (see confidentiality policy)

I give all children in my care the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sometimes this means adapting an activity to the child’s ability and stage of development, providing additional resources or giving one child more attention and support than others during a particular activity or routine.
All children in my care are given the opportunity to play with all the toys (subject to health and safety with children under 3 years of age). No toys are just for girls or just for boys. I try to ensure my toys reflect positive images of children and people from different cultures and with different abilities. I have toys and resources that challenge stereotypical ideas on what careers are open to men and women.
No child in my care will be discriminated against in anyway, whether for their skin colour, culture, gender, ability or religion. I will challenge any remarks that I feel are inappropriate.
I encourage the children in my care to learn more about their own culture and to find out about the culture and religions of other children. We do in this in a fun way through sharing books, colouring sheets, cooking and eating food from around the world and celebrating special festivals. I provide resources such as woks and chopsticks, dressing up clothes and multicultural skin tone crayons and pencils.
I encourage the children to develop a healthy respect of each other’s differences and to value everyone as an individual.
If you have any concerns regarding this policy please discuss them with me.
Children with additional needs will have their needs met through the creation of an inclusive environment.
A child with special needs will be included in everyday routines, appropriate to their individual ability. I will provide relevant activities that promote their welfare and development. I would seek information and share knowledge with parents regarding their child’s individual needs. Activities will be adapted to ensure your child has every opportunity to take part. If necessary, specialist equipment will be accessed and I would seek advice from other professionals and organisations.
I do not and will not administer any form of physical punishment or humiliation to any child in my care therefore smacking, name calling, food or sleep deprivation will never be used as a form of discipline.
Rewarding good behaviour: rewards are constructive and encourage the children to make an effort to behave; rewards will usually be in the form of praise, extra attention, a reward chart or a privilege such as having their favourite story read at story time. Punishment can be destructive and impacts negatively on the child’s self confidence, this does not mean that there are no consequences for unwanted behaviour; just that the consequences will be relevant to the behaviour e.g. helping to comfort a child they have hurt, helping to repair an item they have broken, not being allowed to play with an item they are mistreating, being put on a walking harness (if age appropriate) if they run off when out walking. Rarely a cooling off period may be implemented. This involves removing a child from an activity and allowing them to relax/calm down. I will never completely segregate a child from the playing area.
I try to set a good example with regards to manners and safety. Children will do as we do rather than as we say. I aim to set realistic limits according to the age and understanding of each child. I try to encourage rather than order children to do the right thing. I try to be consistent, e.g. saying no and meaning no. Children need to know where the limits and boundaries are, it helps them to feel secure.
Occasionally if a particular toy is causing arguments, it will be taken away for a while to distract the children from the argument.
My house has been inspected by Ofsted and has passed the safety standards which allow me to become a registered child minder.
My premises including the outside area are secure and children are not able to leave unsupervised.
I have to adhere to these standards and ensure a safe and secure environment for the children in my house and also when we go out and about.
I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all hazards to children on my premises, both inside and outside, are minimized.
Outdoor water activities are closely supervised.
A fire blanket is installed in the kitchen.
There are both a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector in my house.
All children have to have the appropriate safety restraints when travelling in my car. I would ask parents to provide child car seats. I do have an infant and a toddler car seat that I can provide if preferred, dependent on the age of the child.
I have public liability insurance.
I do not permit smoking in my home.
In order to practice good hygiene, children will be asked to wash their hands before and after eating and also after they have used the toilet.
My premises, toys and equipment are cleaned regularly.
All food is hygienically stored, prepared and served.
I have attended a food hygiene course therefore I know how to avoid food contaminations and I also adopt a FIFO (first in first out) policy.
I attended a paediatric first aid course which will be kept up to date. There is a first aid box on my premises and one in my car which is regularly checked and items replaced as necessary.
Sick children expose other children to the infection and require additional care and attention that I am unable to give. In my experience sick children want to be cared for by their parents in the comfort of their own home.
I understand that as a working parent you need to be able to go to work, however if your child is not feeling very well, in my experience, I feel that your child would be better cared for in their own home with a parent. I am happy to care for children with minor coughs and colds but will not care for children who are very unwell, infectious or running a high temperature this would not be fair to other children in my care.
If you child has had diarrhoea or sickness in the last twenty-four hours please do not bring them, but call and let me know.
If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will make them as comfortable as possible, isolate them from the other children if necessary and reassure them. I will contact you immediately and continue to care for your child until you arrive.
I am happy to administer medication (please see my administering medication policy).
I will contact you if I am not well, and if I am unable to work. This then allows you to make alternative arrangements for your child’s care.
As an Ofsted registered Childminder I am very aware that each child has differing needs. Some children like to be affectionate and show it through hugs, kisses etc. others are not so tactile. I am happy to hug, hold hands, cuddle and tickle your child providing both you and your child are happy with this. I would never force a child to do any of the above if it made him feel uncomfortable.
I will restrain a child only if they are at risk of inflicting harm on themselves or others. I will separate children if they are fighting. I will restrain a child if they try and run into the road etc. If I do need to restrain your child I will document it in my incident book and asked you to sign the record. This is to protect all parties.
I will also need to have some physical contact with your child in order to ensure hygiene routines are carried out. For example the washing of hands, faces and teeth and the wiping of noses. I am happy to assist with toileting according to the age and stage of ability of the child and to change nappies if required. If necessary I will change a child’s clothes if they have had an accident.
It is very important to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses that hygiene procedures are in place and strictly adhered to. Children are encouraged to wash their hands after going to the toilet, touching animals and playing outside. They must also wash their hands before eating any meals or snacks.
I will assist the children in hand washing, ensuring that they are washing and drying them correctly.
I will provide a clean towel in the bathroom each day, however if a child is poorly I will provide them with their own towel as a precaution.
I am happy to help children to clean their teeth after meals if you provide me with a toothbrush and paste.
I will assist children with wiping their noses when they have colds and try to teach them how to blow their noses. I will explain to them the importance of safely throwing away dirty tissues to prevent the spread of germs. I will also encourage them to put their hand over their mouths when they cough.
I will not mind a child who has had an upset stomach in the last 24 hours.
I will disinfect changing mats being used between children.
I will follow strict hygiene routines in my kitchen, ensuring my fridge is at the correct temperature and that food is stored correctly in it.
In order for me to carry out these procedures effectively I will need you to provide me with enough resources, for example nappies, labelled cream, spare clothes for the children etc. I also request that you let me know if your child is feeling or has been unwell.
Safeguarding Children Policy
My aim is to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to.
In order to achieve this I shall:
Attend training / awareness courses
I shall attend training / awareness courses related to Child Protection issues to ensure that I am able to recognise the symptoms of possible physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.
Prevent abuse by means of good practice
Adults without CRB clearance will not be left alone with any child. Children will be encouraged to develop a sense of autonomy and independence through support in making choices and in finding names for their own feelings and acceptable ways to express them. This will enable children to have the self-confidence and the vocabulary to resist inappropriate approaches.
Respond appropriately to suspicions of abuse
Changes in children’s behaviour / appearance maybe investigated. If I suspect of any abuse I would notify the local safeguarding board
Children's services locality office –
01403 229900/01903 694422(out of hours)
0300 123 1231
All such suspicions and investigations will be kept confidential, shared only with those who need to know.
Keep records
Whenever worrying changes are observed in a child’s behaviour, physical condition or appearance, a specific and confidential record will be set up, quite separate from the usual on-going records of children’s progress and development.
The record will include, in addition to the name, address and age of the child: timed and dated observations, describing objectively the child's behaviour and appearance, without comment or interpretation; where possible, the exact words spoken by the child; the name and signature of the recorder (myself) Liaise with other bodies. I operate in accordance with Ofsted guidelines. Confidential records kept on children will be shared with the Social Services Department if I feel that adequate explanations for changes in the child’s condition have not been provided.
If a report on a child is to be made to the authorities, the child’s parents will be informed on the same day, immediately after the report is made.
Support Families
The care and safety of the children must always be paramount. I shall take every step to build up trusting and supportive relationships with families.  Where abuse at home is suspected, I shall continue to welcome the child and family while investigations proceed.
Confidential records kept on a child will be shared with the child's parents as appropriate.
Parents must give me prior written consent and written instructions before I can administer any medication to their child. This must include the child’s name, exact dosage to be given, (when) time to be given and how many times a day.
Parents must provide all medications, asthma inhaler, cream etc… needed by their children.
All medicines must be in their original containers with pharmacist or manufacturer's label, child's name, dosage instructions, current date and name of medication clearly written.
If a child requires medication such as an asthma inhaler on a regular basis, the parent must leave one in my setting whenever their child is in my care.
I store all medications in their original containers, inaccessible to children.
I keep written records of all medications administered to children. Each entry is signed by the person who gives the medication (myself) and by the parents before taking their children home.
I cannot administer any medication that your child has not taken previously. This is in case of an allergic reactions
The safety of your child is paramount and I will take every measure I can to protect your child from hurting him/herself. However sometimes accidents do happen and I have written the following procedure on how I will deal with such a situation:
I will comfort your child and reassure him/her
I will assess the extent of his/her injuries and if necessary call for medical support/ambulance
I will carry out any first aid procedures that are necessary, that I have been trained to do; all first aid training will be kept up to date.
Once the child has calmed I will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the accident and if necessary to ask you to return to care for your child/ meet me at the hospital
Small minor accidents e.g. small graze to knee that if in my trained opinion do not need you to be informed of immediately will be recorded and you will be informed on collection of your child.  As I appreciate you are working and it is expected that children, especially when they are learning to walk etc., are likely to have the odd small accident. 
If an accident does occur to your child whilst in my care, it will be recorded in the accident book with a date and time and a brief explanation of how the accident / injury occurred and any treatment given.  You will be asked to sign this to say that you have been informed.
If a child has an accident in your care that requires emergency treatment ie: going to hospital, I will need to report this incident to Ofsted.
As a registered Childminder I work alone and will have sole responsibility for your child whilst they are in my care. It is vital that I am aware and able to protect him/her from any unforeseen dangers. In order to do this effectively I will never be under the influence of alcohol or any form of drugs (including some prescription medication). If I am prescribed medication, other than routine antibiotics, I must inform Ofsted who will make a decision as to whether I can continue to mind whilst taking them. I will not drink any alcohol during minded hours or immediately before.
If you have been drinking, perhaps at a works party, or whilst entertaining clients I would prefer if you arranged for another responsible adult to collect your child, especially if you plan to drive home. Alternatively you may call me and I will be happy to delay the pickup time if possible.
(Statement below Aimed at Older school aged children)
Drugs and alcohol are now more readily available to younger children. If I have any concerns that your child may be drinking alcohol, taking drugs or smoking I will discuss the matter with you immediately.
I will then work with you to support your child; however I reserve the right to terminate our contract with immediate effect if I am concerned that your child’s behaviour due to drugs/alcohol may be putting the other minded children at risk.
A smoke detector is fitted and regularly tested and maintained. I have access to a telephone and a fire blanket located in the kitchen. This would only be used if a fire were preventing escape from the building.
If a smoke detector sounds, or a fire is detected, the priority is to evacuate the children from the building.
I have a FIRE ESCAPE PLAN in place, and older children are all trained and we practice our fire drill regularly. We would assemble at the front of the house, at a safe distance and check that everyone is accounted for. We will then notify the fire brigade.
Parents or their emergency contacts would be called as soon as practical to arrange collection of the children and if necessary we would take refuge in a close by family or friend’s home until collection is possible.
Any information regarding your child or your family, given to me either verbally or in writing, will be treated as confidential.
Parents will have access to their own child’s records but not to others. All documentation relating to your child is stored in a file, which is not accessible to any other party.
I will not share information about your child with anyone else unless I have permission from you, for example to take your baby to be weighed by the Health Visitor.
I will however divulge confidential information to Social Services and to Ofsted if I have any concerns that your child is being abused. (Please see my Child Protection Policy).
You will also find out information about my family and I during the course of our working relationship and I would be grateful if you too would respect my family’s confidentiality and not repeat anything to other parties. No one likes to be gossiped about.
If you have any concerns regarding this policy please do not hesitate to contact me.